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i'm gonna be posting to my journal about the poetry thing i'm doing at kckcc in a bit.

just wanted to update here.

i have nothing to say, really.

i had a dream this morning. i was getting my hair cut short. i woke up and decided that i would miss my hair too much right now. i wouldn't mind a trim, though. and something new done to it. i'm tired of the same thing all the time.

do you think i should cut it?

and what should i do about chuck? he contacted me. it makes me a bit nervous.

my back's itchy. i'm going to go smoke, get offline, and take a bath so i can start getting ready for the poetry thing.

my vagina smells weird.

hey, erin - if your vagina wore clothes, what would it wear?

mine would wear yards and yards of dark, rich colored velvet, satin, and silk. and diamonds. and a soft floral perfume.

i stole that from the vagina monologues. i still have yet to find that website.
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